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Although Quorum Technologies was founded in 2001, the history of our brands goes back much further.

Having been manufactured and marketed under many different guises since the 1960s, the Polaron range of electron microscopy (EM) instruments has grown bigger and stronger under our ownership. Similarly, the Emitech range, founded in the 1980s, has continued to prosper and grow since its 2005 acquisition by us.

A number of our products still bear the Polaron and Emitech logos, and we also continue to offer support to our customers using older electron microscopy specimen preparation instruments produced under other brand or original company names: Emscope, Bio-Rad, Fisons Instruments and Thermo VG - names that reflect the various changes of ownership over the years.

For more information please see our About Us section, and for discontinued products, manuals and circuit diagrams please go to the Customer Support section.