The influence of coating quality on SEM imaging of PVdF electrospinning fibres

Application Note

The increasing amount of applications for nano-fibres, especially those produced in the electrospinning process, creates a need to image them in a way that allows users to examine not only their alignment and diameter, but also their discrete morphology. Electrospinning fibres are used in many fields from energy storage (solar cells, fuel cells), environmental engineering (membranes and filters) to healthcare (tissue engineering and drug delivery). Usually they are processed further through chemical modification, which equips their surface with active molecules. Before this can happen it is essential to examine their native surface to govern the post-treatment process in the desired way.

These fibres can have a variety of diameters from hundreds to a few nanometres. They can also be smooth or exhibit porosity. PVdF-poly (vinylidiene fluoride) is one of the materials used as part of the electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries, due to its high dielectric constant, and strong chemical and electrochemical resistance.

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