Coating Systems for EM and Thin Film

Q Plus Series

NEW Q Plus Series is suitable for both sputtering and evaporation carbon coating 

Q Plus Series Coaters
Q300T ES Large Chamber Thermal Evaporator/Sputter Coater

Glow discharge system for TEM grids and surface modifications

NEW GloQube®  Plus

NEW GloQube® Plus
Cryo-SEM Preparation Systems

Cryo-SEM & FIB preparation systems

Advanced cryo preparation and transfer for SEM and FIB/SEM

PP3010T, PP3005 & PP3006
Quorum Video 2019

Quorum Technologies

Specialists in EM sample preparation 

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RF Plasma Reactors

RF plasma etcher/asher/cleaners

K1050X - a versatile bench top RF plasma system

Vacuum Evaporators

Flexible, vacuum coaters for EM and thin film

Bench Top Thermal Evaporators

K975X and Q300T ES
Critical Point Dryers

Critical point dryers

For SEM specimen preparation - plus MEMS and wafers. 

Critical Point Dryers
Ambient and Cryo Transfer

PP3004 QuickLok

Inert gas or vacuum specimen transfer for SEM and FIB/SEM

Inert Gas or Vacuum Transfer