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New Q150R rotary-pumped coater launched

This month sees a key expansion to the latest series of our sample preparation systems, with the introduction of the Q150R - a range of rotary-pumped coaters for SEM applications.

Recently appointed Managing Director of Quorum Technologies, Kevin Breen, is pleased to see the new series offering a wider range of systems to cater for the different needs of our customers around the world. 

“The Q150R is a compact rotary-pumped coating system,” explained Kevin. “This makes it ideally suited for SEM and other coating applications. This launch is part of Quorum’s investment programme, backed by its parent group Judges Scientific plc, to revise and add to its product range with the aim of providing customers with better products and improved value.”

Available in three formats, the Q150R offers the option of: a sputter coater suitable for standard (tungsten) SEM specimen coating, a carbon coater suitable for SEM EDS and WDS applications, or both combined in a single space-saving system.

Kevin added: “The modular design of the new Q-series range of coaters mean that Quorum Technologies now offers a comprehensive range of systems that are both user-friendly and flexible. Having combined the talent and experience of Emitech and Polaron, we have been able to exploit a wider range of technical and engineering skills and thus offer a market-leading solution to meet our customers’ coating needs.”

Featuring an intuitive colour touch screen, plus a range of easy-to-change ‘drop-in’ specimen stages and coating head inserts, the Q150R boasts high quality performance and flexibility. A new option for carbon coating versions of the Q150R is a glow discharge attachment for modification of specimen surface properties, eg hydrophobic to hydrophilic conversion.

Like all other Quorum Technologies products, the Q150R comes with a generous three-year warranty.

Click here for further information on the Q150R.