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Judges Scientific plc acquires Deben UK Limited

Judges Scientific plc, Quorum Technologies’ parent company, has announced the acquisition of Deben UK Limited – a company that designs, manufactures and sells devices used to enable or improve the observation of objects under a microscope.

On Monday 21 March Judges Scientific announced that they had bought 51% of Deben UK Limited. Many Quorum Technologies customers will already be familiar with the company and their products – motor control systems, micro-tensile stages, cooling stages, digital imaging for electron microscopes and beam blanking equipment.

Suffolk-based Deben was established in 1987 and has been managed by Gary Edwards since 1996. It is expected that Gary will continue as Managing Director for the foreseeable future.

Judges Scientific believes this acquisition is an excellent addition to their group. Their chairman said: “We’re delighted to expand our electron microscopy business through the acquisition of Deben. This is a profitable and cash-generative business, and we expect the transaction to immediately enhance earnings.” 

Though Quorum Technologies and Deben operate in the same electron microscopy markets, each will continue to be independent businesses in their own right.

Kevin Breen, Quorum Technologies’ Managing Director, said: “The acquisition of Deben highlights Judges Scientific’s desire to be a major player in our markets. Our mutual customers will benefit from this exciting new relationship.”

Judges Scientific also announced their 2010 financial year results this month, with revenues advancing 42% and profit before tax rising by 75%.

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