Posts from July 2011

Electron Microscopy Sciences appointed as sole US distributor

Building on our mutually successful long-term relationship, we have further strengthened our links by appointing Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS) as our sole and exclusive distributor for the complete range of Quorum Technologies products in the United States.

Based in Hatfield, Philadelphia, EMS is the leading supplier of electron microscopy (EM) consumables and supplies into the US market. For many years EMS has successfully sold and supported a range of specimen preparation instruments, including sputter coaters and critical point dryers, manufactured at our Ashford production facility in the UK.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with EMS,” explained Bob Hennig, General Manager at Quorum Technologies' Ashford site. “We know from experience that they have an excellent sales and service support network and understand the needs of our US customers.”

Stacie Kirsch, President of EMS, said recently at the launch of their new catalogue: “The biggest addition to our already extensive product range is the newly signed and agreed contract for exclusive representation of the complete line of Quorum Technologies instruments.” 

She continued: “Many of you will know we have sold and supported the line for over 20 years, but only recently – and to benefit the microscopy community at large – did we take on exclusively the complete range. The new agreement offers our valued customers the ability to get everything they need all under one roof.”

Click here to visit the Electron Microscopy Sciences website.

First PP3000T installed at the University of Brighton

A PP3000T, the first of our latest generation cryo preparation systems for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), has been installed and commissioned in School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Brighton.

The PP3000T has significant advances in cryo preparation technology combined with automation and simplicity of use, making it ideal for both dedicated and non-specialist user environments.

Dr Jonathan Salvage is pictured (top) with the newly-installed PP3000T. For further information on the impressive new imaging facility and investment in electron microscopy facilities, click here

Cryo-SEM is the optimum technique for observing a wide range of ‘wet’ or beam-sensitive SEM specimens – examples include foods, polymers, cement and pharmaceuticals. It is particularly useful for a wide range of biological material, with the ability to capture a ‘snapshot’ of an event and maintain interrelationships between fauna and flora and surface secretions and exudates, if present. 

This is well illustrated by some recent images taken at the University of Brighton facility – an  example of which is pictured (bottom). For more information and photos of the hitchhiking mite, click here.

Click here  for further information on the PP3000T.