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Introducing the PP3010T

Quorum Technologies launches new cryo preparation system for SEM and FIB/SEM.

Quorum Technologies is pleased to introduce the PP3010T: a state-of-the-art, highly automated cryo preparation system for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), FE-SEM and FIB/SEM. Building on the success of the market leading PP3000T, the new PP3010T combines the highest performance with unparalleled ease of use.

Cryo-SEM is the optimum preparation method for a wide range of “wet” or beam-sensitive specimens, including for lifesciences, foods, polymers, pharmaceuticals, oils, foams and many other materials.

At the operational heart of the PP3010T is the new gas cooled aQuilo cryo preparation chamber, which includes tools for specimen fracturing and manipulation as well as fully automatic sublimation and sputter coating. Gas cooling ensures unsurpassed thermal efficiency and - along with the SEM stage and cold trap which are also gas-cooled – gives an impressive system temperature capability of down to -190oC or lower.

Cooling works on a simple ‘fill once and forget’ principle, with the remotely positioned cooling dewar/heat exchanger typically giving runtimes of up to 24 hours between fills of liquid nitrogen.

To ensure optimum performance and simplicity of operation, the aQuilo preparation chamber is attached directly to the microscope - but with turbomolecular pumping and the SEM cooling systems conveniently mounted remotely from the microscope.

The PP3010T is controlled using a large intuitive touch screen panel PC mounted on the spacious Prepdek™ workstation, giving the operator instant access and control of all the key operating parameters, data logging and system diagnostics.

CCD images from the cryo system are displayed and can be recorded on the control screen and multiple viewing windows give unsurpassed visibility of the specimen and chamber interior. The Prepdek™ also houses the freezing system and a unique pumped storage tube for the cryo transfer device.

Installation to the microscope has also become easier with the introduction of a compact, single port interface (dependent upon microscope geometry).

Like all other Quorum Technologies products, the PP3010T comes with a generous three-year warranty and specialised support.

To download more information about the PP3010T click here