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Quorum Technologies awards innovative student projects

Quorum Technologies Student Prize Winners 2012 have been announced, with three students from the University of Brighton being recognised for outstanding use of electron microscopy in their final year projects.

Our student prize scheme, in partnership with the University of Brighton, is now in its sixth year and continues to attract interest from undergraduates working in a range of scientific disciplines.

This year, three prizes of £200 were awarded for final year undergraduate projects that the judges felt had made particularly good use of electron microscopy. The winners were Mohiden Abdul Ahad, Wuraola Akinrinsola and Ella Villanuerva.

The prize is held within the University’s Image and Analysis Unit in the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Science and awarded on an annual basis. More information can be found on our Student Prizes page.


Mohiden Abdul Ahad

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering

Project Supervisor: Dr Steven Begg

Project Title: Investigation of Particulate Matter (PM) in Modern Gasoline Engines

Synopsis: The project utilised SEM to examine the morphology of exhaust soot samples, together with EDS to evaluate their chemical composition. The data was used investigate the effects that different engine running conditions had on the particulate emissions from a modern port-fuel injection gasoline engine.

Wuraola Akinrinsola

Course: MPharm Pharmacy

Project Supervisor: Dr Ananth Pannala

Project Title: Encapsulation and Characterisation of Amorolfine Hydrocholoride in Poly – (D, L- Lactic Acid) Nanoparticles

Synopsis: The project utilised SEM to examine the size and morphology of nanoparticle pharmaceutical formulations for drug delivery applications. The data was used to investigate the effectiveness of the formulation methodology on production of consistent and spherical nanoparticle populations.

Ella Villanueva

Course:BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

Project supervisor: Dr Lara-Marie Barnes

Project title: The development of bacterial biofilms in babies’ bath toys.

Synopsis: SEM was used as an investigative tool to study both pre-existing biofilms formed on toys which had been use over a period of months, and to follow early biofilm development on new toys artificially seeded with bacterial species.

1000th Q series coater sold

The market-leading Q150 series coaters recently achieved yet another notable milestone when the 1,000th model was dispatched from our Ashford UK factory.

“This significant landmark was achieved in only 32 months from the launch of the Q series and is a reflection of just how well the products has been received within the electron microscopy (EM) specimen preparation and thin film coating markets,” explained David Barnbrook, Managing Director at Quorum Technologies. 

“We are also pleased that our customers can currently benefit from fast delivery times, with the Q150 series typically available for dispatch within only one week of acceptance of purchase orders.” 

The Q150 can be tailored to suit the needs of most EM coating applications. It is available with rotary or turbo pumping and in three formats: sputter coating, carbon evaporation or both combined in a single space-saving bench-top design. 

Built with intuitive touch-screen control, the Q150 series allows quick access to both stored and customer-entered coating ‘recipes’. The performance and flexibility of the system is further enhanced by a wide range of ‘drop-in’ specimen stages and coating head inserts. Other optional accessories include film thickness measurement and glow discharge. For large area deposition we also offer the Q300 series, which is available in three formats, including for coating both oxidising and non-oxidising metals onto large specimens (up to an 8” wafer). The Q300T D dual head system allows independent sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum - making it ideal for many thin film applications. 

Like all Quorum Technologies products, the Q150 and Q300 series comes with a generous three-year warranty. 

Click here for details of the Q series.