Posts from July 2013

Quorum Technologies adopts new company slogan

Regular visitors to our website may have noticed a change to our company logo, as it now includes Quorum Technologies’ new slogan, Preparation for Excellence.

The importance of good specimen preparation has long been acknowledged, however modern imaging systems with their increasing resolving power and data acquisition capabilities means the quality and reproducibility of preparation has assumed even greater relevance.

Quorum Technologies has a long and proud heritage as providers of quality preparation instruments for electron microscopy and related fields. This goes back to the early 1970s through our Polaron and Emitech connections and includes the introduction of the first commercially successful SEM critical point dryers and sputter coaters. 

More recently, our strong emphasis on innovation and excellence in the specimen preparation market can be been seen in our market-leading Q series coaters and PP3010T cryo preparation systems for SEM and FIB/SEM.

“Preparation for Excellence neatly summarises our expertise – providing the best possible specimen preparation instruments and support to help our many users achieve the best images and data from their SEM, TEM, FIB/SEM and other platforms,” said Mike Wombwell, Marketing Director at Quorum Technologies.