Posts from April 2016

Quorum 2015 distributor of the year

Nanjing Tansi Technology Co. Ltd named a distributor of the year

Quorum Technologies is delighted to announce that our Chinese representative Nanjing Tansi Technology Co. Ltd (Tansi) has been named our Distributor of the Year for 2015.

 "The commitment, hard work and professionalism of our worldwide distribution continues to be vital to the continued success and growth of our business,” explained Tony Larkin, managing director of Quorum.

Tony continued, "This year’s award recognises Tansi's strong sales performance over a number of years, but also the excellence of the support that they give to their growing customer base. This applies equally to bench top EM preparation equipment  and to technology-leading cryo-EM preparation systems where they offer a complete sales and support package – including local installation and customer training across China".

The image shows Sunny Bin, sales manager at Tansi, receiving the award from Tony Larkin during the recent distributor meeting at Laughton.

Based in Nanjing and with an office in Beijing, Tansi is a specialist a supplier electron microscopy instrumentation. Please see this link for further information.

Introducing the GloQube - a new glow discharge system for TEM grids and surface modification

The GloQube is a compact, easy to use glow discharge system used for the hydrophilisation (wetting) of TEM grid support films. Other applications include the modification of surfaces, for example, for the enhancement of polymer bonding

The GloQube® is available in two formats. The GloQube-D has two independent vacuum chambers: a clean chamber for applications requiring hydrophobic/hydrophilic conversion, typically using air as the process gas, and a vapour chamber designed for hydrophilic/hydrophobic (negative or positive) conversions, typically using reagents such as methanol and alkylamine. The GloQube-S has a single clean chamber.

With operator safety and ease of use firmly in mind, the vapour delivery system has reusable septum-sealed reagent vials, which insert into a shielded needle using a simple bayonet fitting.

Each chamber can accommodate two 25 x 75 mm glass microscopes slides and automatic valving between chambers maintains cleanliness by preventing cross-contamination. A convenient draw-style chamber door, stage and removable sample trays ensure rapid sample exchange. Both GloQube-D and GloQube-S require a single vacuum pump giving a typical pump time to operational vacuum of around 60 seconds.

Data input and control is by an intuitive touch screen which allows multiple users to rapidly input and store preferred process “recipes”. Typical default glow discharge protocols are loaded as standard.

Like all other Quorum Technologies products, the GloQube® comes with a generous three-year warranty and dedicated specialist support.

For further information, including product brochure download visit: GloQube® product pages.