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Quorum Cryo PP3010 installed at NMI Reutlingen

Quorum Technologies Ltd has recently installed a PP3010 Cryo preparation system at the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute in Reutlingen, Germany. The PP3010 was fitted on to their Zeiss 550 Crossbeam to help with the laboratory’s research projects into Materials and Life Sciences.

Quorum’s PP3010 removes the need for conventional preparation methods and allows for the observation of specimens in their natural hydrated state. This is essential for the study of biological, wet or beam sensitive specimens, and crucial for specific studies and medical advances. 

Quorum’s service team was called on to make the installation in Germany at the NMI, Reutlingen, in March. Following a successful install, the team at the institute is now up and running in their research efforts.  

The NMI is a member of the Innovation Alliance Baden-Württemberg. It is involved in application-oriented research at the interface between the life sciences and material science. An interdisciplinary team of scientists is developing new technologies for companies and public research sponsors in the areas of pharma and biotechnology, biomedical technology, and surface and materials technology.

The service engineer who travelled out to Germany was supported by the team back in the UK, where Quorum continues to remain operational to support their key customers and partners. 

Click here for more information on the PP3010 

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