Products and Parts Supported

We have a long history of manufacturing electron microscopy preparation instruments, produced under various brand names and companies over the years.

In addition to supporting the instruments currently listed in our Systems and Equipment section, we also continue to supply information and spare parts for a number of instruments that are now discontinued but remain in use by some of our customers – these are listed below.

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Current products - fully supported

Q150V Plus for Ultra-fine coatings  
Q300T T Plus Triple Target sputter coater 
Q300T D Plus Dual Target sequential sputtering coater 
PP3010 Cryo-SEM Preparation System
PP3004 QuickLok Ambient Temperature Airlock 
PP3005 SEMCool Non-airlock Cryo Cooling for SEM and FIB/SEM
PP3006 CoolLok Cryo Transfer System 
SC7620 'Mini' Sputter Coater/Glow Discharge System
CA7625 Carbon Attachments plus carbon heads for current sputter coaters
E3100 Critical Point Dryer
K850 Critical Point Dryer
K850WM Large Chamber Critical Point Dryer
K975X/K975S Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporator
K1050X Plasma Etcher/Asher/Cleaner
E4800 Series Circulating Heater/Chillers (after 1991)
Coolstage - Peltier-Cooled SEM Stage
K750X Peltier-Cooled EM Freeze Dryer
K775X Liquid Nitrogen Cooled, Turbo-Pumped EM Freeze Dryer
GloQube® Plus Glow Discharge System for TEM Grids and Surface Modification    

Discontinued but fully supported products - please note support will finish at the end of the year indicated in brackets next to each product

For further information please see: Previous Products section.

PP3000T Cryo-SEM Preparation System (2019)
E3000 Critical Point Dryer (2021)
Q150R Rotary-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater
Q150T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater
Q300T D Dual Target Sequential Sputtering System
Q300T T Triple Target, Large Chamber, Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater
Q300T ES Large Chamber, Sputter/Carbon/Evaporator

Products no longer supported 

All the products below starting with prefix E, P or S were discontinued before 1990

PP2000 & PP2000T Cryo-SEM Preparation Systems
E7400 Cryo-SEM System
LT7410 Cryo-SEM System
LT7400 Cryo-SEM System
E5000 Sputter Coater
E5000M 'Mini' Sputter Coater
E5100 and E515 Sputter Coaters
E5175 Large Chamber Sputter Coater
E5180 Remotely-Controlled Sputter Coater
E5200 Automatic Sputter Coater
E5400 Sputter Coater
E5800 Plasma-Enhanced Sputter Coater
PS3 Sputter Coater
SC500 and SC500A Sputter Coaters
SC502 'Mini' Sputter Coater
SC510 Sputter Coater
SC515 FTM Controller Sputter Coater
SC650 and SC650A Sputter Coaters
E5600 SEM Carbon Coater
E6200 Turbo-Pumped Carbon Coater
TB500 and TB500A SEM Carbon Coater
E6000 Series Floor-Standing Evaporators
E6900 High Vacuum Base
CPD7501 Critical Point Dryer
E6100 Bench-Top Evaporator
E6300 Bench-Top Evaporator
E6500 Bench-Top Evaporator
E6700 Bench-Top Evaporator
PT700 Plasma Barrel Reactor
PT7150 Plasma Barrel Reactor
PT7160 Plasma Barrel Reactor
PT7170 Plasma Parallel-Plate Reactor
PT7300 Plasma Barrel Reactor
E9200 Automatic Tissue Processor
E9400 Tissue Dehydrator for SEM
E7200 'Slammer' Quick-Freeze Unit
E9500 Grid Stainer
E7900 Freeze Fracture Module
E8200 Ion Beam Micro-Sputtering Module
K500X and K550X Sputter Coaters (2017)
K575X and K575XD Turbo-Pumped Chromium Sputter Coaters (2017)
K650X Large Chamber Sputter Coater with Triple Target Head (2017)
SC7640 Sputter Coater (2017)
SC7680 Sputter Coater (2017)
K400X and K450X SEM Carbon Coaters (2017)
K950X Turbo-Pumped Carbon Evaporator for TEM and SEM (2017)
CA7615 Carbon Power Supply plus evaporation heads (2017)
K100X Glow Discharge System (2017)
K350 Sputter/Glow Discharge/Etch Attachment (2017)
FT7690 Film Thickness Monitor (2017)
K150X Film Thickness Monitor (2017)
K25X Peltier-Cooled SEM Stage (2017)
FT7690 Film Thickness Monitor (2017)
K150X Film Thickness Monitor (2017)
K25X Peltier-Cooled SEM Stage (2017)

E3500 Thermocirculator (2017)

Older Emitech systems. Note: earlier K series products without the X prefix

K1150 Cryo System
K1250 Cryo System
K500 Sputter Coater
K550 Sputter Coater
K575 Sputter Coater
K650 Sputter Coater
K400 Carbon Coater
K450 Carbon Coater
K100 Glow Discharge System
K950 Turbo Evaporator
K750 Freeze Dryer
K775 Low Temperature Freeze Dryer

Emscope systems

SM300 Sputter Coater
SP2000 Cryo Preparation System (not to be confused with later PP2000 and PP2000T systems)

Energy Beam Sciences

In 1993 Energy Beam Sciences ( acquired the manufacturing rights to the Quorum histology range, which includes the following products:

H1200 Vibrating Microtome
JB4 Microtome
H1660 Long (Ralph) Knife Maker
H1600G KM Knife Maker
H2500 Microwave Processor