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To ensure peace of mind once you have chosen to purchase your product from Quorum, we offer a range of consumables and spares you can order direct from us.

Our consumable products are listed below. If you need to purchase spares please contact our sales team on sales@quorumtech.com.

Alternatively, to discuss what you might need for your product our expert service team can be reached directly via service@quorumtech.com

Sputter Targets

Quorum offers metal sputtering targets for our current Q Series (S and ES versions) and SC7620 sputter coaters, as well as for previous models manufactured with the brand names Emscope, Emitech, Polaron, Bio-Rad, Fisons Instruments, and Thermo VG.

For a list of available targets please click here

Carbon Consumables

Carbon rod and carbon fibre supplies are offered in a range of sizes and purities and typically used for evaporating carbon onto specimens being prepared for either x-ray microanalysis or transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

For a list of available Carbon Consumables please click here

Rotary Vacuum and Dry Pumps

Many of our instruments require the addition of a suitable two-stage rotary vacuum pump (vane pump), either as a primary pump or to back a built-in turbomolecular pump.

We are pleased to offer the Pfeiffer DUO 6 two-stage pump, which has an excellent reputation for both reliability and performance, delivering high or low throughputs with a high ultimate vacuum.

Depending upon the application, we also offer dry pumping options, stand-alone rotary pump plus turbomolecular pump combinations, and a Fombilised rotary pump for use with the K1050X RF Plasma Reactor.


Pfeiffer DUO 6 Rotary Vacuum Pump

Many Quorum Technologies products require the addition of a suitable two-stage rotary vacuum, either a primary pump (e.g. for low vacuum sputter coaters, such as the SC7620 and Q150R) or to ‘back’ and rough-pump instruments with built-in turbomolecular pumps, such as the Q150T sputter coater and K975X vacuum evaporator.

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Edwards nXDS Dry Scroll Pumps

The Edwards nXDS6i is a lubricant-free scroll pump designed for primary pumping applications where standard, oil-based rotary pumps need to be avoided. For lubricant-free applications where a greater pumping capacity is needed the nXDS10i is available.

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VacuuBrand MD1 Diaphragm Pump

The VacuuBrand MD 1 diaphragm pump is designed for oil-free evacuation and pumping of non-corrosive gases down to 1.5 mbar ultimate vacuum. The three-stage design provides outstanding pumping speed even close to the ultimate vacuum, especially when compared with similarly rated two-stage diaphragm pumps.

Recommended for oil-free backing of Quorum turbo pumped coaters such as the Q150T and Q300TT and K975X vacuum evaporator.

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Edwards “Fomblinised“ RV3 Rotary Pump

The Edwards Fomblinised RV3 rotary pump is supplied as standard with the K1050X RF Plasma Etcher/Asher/Cleaner and is essential if oxygen is to be used as a process gas. The pump has been specially modified and cleaned to accept Fomblin® oil, which is compatible with oxygen gas in normal operation.

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