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Sputter Targets

Metal sputtering targets are available for our current Q Series (S and ES versions) and SC7620 sputter coaters, as well as for previous models manufactured with the brand names Emscope, Emitech, Polaron, Bio-Rad, Fisons Instruments and Thermo VG.

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Q150/Q300 Series and SC7620 Sputter Targets - also for older models (57 mm diameter)

Disc-style (57 mm) sputtering targets for current and many older coaters.

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Annular Sputtering Targets for E5100, SC510, SC515, SC7640 and SC7680 Sputter Coaters

Annular-style sputtering targets for older coater models: E5100, SC510, SC515, SC7640 and SC7680.

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Large Annular Sputter Targets for E5175

Large annular-style sputtering targets for old (pre-1991) E5175 sputter coater.

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SC500 and SC500A Sputter Targets

These targets are fitted to older-model SC500 and SC500A sputter coaters. Targets are a nominal 58 mm diameter x 0.1 mm thick and bonded onto an aluminium backing plate.

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K500X, K550X and K650X Sputter Targets

Replacement targets for Emitech and later Quourm K500X, K550X and K650X sputter coaters. 60mm diameter x 0.1mm thick and mounted onto an aluminium backing plate.

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SC650/SC650A Sputtering Targets

SC650 and SC650A sputtering targets. 0.1 mm thick and bonded onto aluminium backing plates (set of four).

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