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Q300R T Triple Target, Large Chamber, Rotary-Pumped Sputter Coater

The Q300R T is a large chamber, rotary-pumped coating system ideally suited for sputtering a single large diameter specimen up to 8"/200 mm (e.g. a wafer), or multiple smaller specimens over a similar diameter. 

The Q300R T is suitable for sputtering non-oxidising (noble) metals, e.g. gold (Au), gold/palladium (Au/Pd) and platinum (Pt). For oxidising metals see: Q300T T.

Key features
  • Large area sputter coating - up to 8"/200 mm diameter
  • Triple sputtering head - ensures even coating deposition of large specimens
  • Single target selection - for economic coating of small specimens
  • Sputtering of a range of non-oxidising (noble) metals - such as gold (Au), platinum (Pt) and silver (Ag). For oxidising metals see: Q300T T
  • Precise thickness control using the film thickness monitor option
  • Fully automatic touch screen control - rapid data input, simple operation
  • Easy-to-change, drop-in style specimen stages (rotation stage as standard)
  • Thick film capabilities - up to 60 minutes sputtering time without breaking vacuum
  • Extended warranty option
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Ideal for sputter coating large SEM specimens

The Q300R T is suited for sputtering noble metals, such as gold (Au) and platinum (Pt) for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and thin film applications.

The Q300R T is fitted with three individual sputtering heads to ensure even deposition of individual large specimens or multiple smaller specimens. For economical coating of small specimens ‘single target’ mode can be selected.

NB: It is not possible to sequentially sputter three different sputtering metals from each sputtering head - for sequential coating see the Q300T D Dual Target Sequential Sputtering System.

Moulded case with colour touch screen

The Q300R T is presented in a custom moulded, one-piece case, allowing easy servicing access. The embedded colour touch screen allows multiple users to input and store coating ‘recipes’. The case houses all the working components, including automatic bleed control that ensures optimum vacuum conditions during sputtering.

The vacuum chamber has an internal diameter of 283 mm/12” and comes with an integral implosion guard. The Q300R T also includes ‘vacuum shutdown’, a useful feature which enhances vacuum performance by allowing the chamber vacuum to be maintained when the system is not in use.

A variable-speed rotary specimen stage is fitted as standard and is suitable for 8"/200 mm and 6"/150 mm wafers. For other stages see: Ordering Information.

Rapid data entry 

At the operational heart of the Q300R T is a simple colour touch screen, which allows even the most inexperienced or occasional operator to rapidly enter and store their own process data. To further aid ease of use a number of typical sputtering and carbon coating profiles are already stored. For added convenience summaries of the last 100 coatings carried out can be viewed.


The touch screen interface features maintenance prompts that highlight time of last clean, coating time since last cleaned, system ‘on time’ and time of last service.

Pumping requirement

A suitable rotary vacuum pump is required. The Pfeiffer DUO 6  5 m3/hr two-stage rotary vacuum pump is ideal for this purpose. Dry pumping alternatives are also available. See: Ordering Information for more details.

Q300R T Triple Target, Large Chamber, Rotary-Pumped Sputter Coater

Fitted with three sputtering heads to ensure even metal deposition. Includes three 57 mm Ø x 0.1 mm gold (Au) sputter targets (TK8889). A 10852 flat rotation stage for 8"/200 mm and 6"/150 mm wafers is fitted as standard.

Rotary pump requirements

13034. Vacuum pump. Pfeiffer 5 m3/hr Duo 6 two-stage rotary pump with vacuum hose, coupling kit and oil mist filter.

26907. Edwards dry scroll pump nXDS10i. Pumping speed: 11.4 m3hr.

Options and accessories

Specimen stages

10357. Rotating 50 mm Ø specimen stage with adjustable tilt. The platform has six specimen stub positions for 15 mm, 10 mm, 6. 5 mm or 1/8" pin stubs. Stage rotation speed variable between preset limits. There is no rotation when in 'single target' mode. Target-to-stage height is variable between 0-42 mm for the standard stage. When used with the extended height cylinder (optional accessory 10596) the target-to-stage height is an additional 87 mm.

10067. 50 mm Ø variable height specimen stage. With six stub positions for 15 mm, 10 mm, 6.5 mm disc stubs or 1/8" SEM pin stubs. Stage rotation speed is variable between preset limits.

10360. 50 mm Ø "Rotacoat" stage. A rotary planetary-style stage with variable tilt angle from horizontal to 300 . The platform has six positions for either 15 mm, 10 mm, 6.5 mm disc stubs or 1/8" pin stubs. Rotation speed is variable between preset limits. NB: Depending upon specimen height, this stage may require the optional extended height cylinder.

10358. 90 mm Ø specimen stage for glass microscope slides. (Up to two x 75 mm x 25 mm slides or a single 75 mm x 50 mm slide). The stage can alternatively accommodate up to six 1/8" SEM pin stubs. Stage rotation speed is variable between preset limits and includes a gear box to allow the optional FTM to be used.

Other options

11520. Film thickness monitor (FTM) attachment. Including oscillator, feed-through, quartz crystal holder and one C5460 quartz crystal.

C5460. Spare quartz crystal.

10596. Extended height vacuum chamber, 214 mm high -  the standard chamber is 127 mm high. For increased source-to-specimen distance and for coating large specimens.

10731. Vacuum spigot. Allows more convenient connection of the rotary pump vacuum hose to the rear of the Q300R T - useful for when bench depth is limited.

11223. Lockable emergency stop (e-stop) switch. Can be mounted on top of the system in a position easily accessible for the operator. It is provided with a key to release the knob after activation. The addition of the e-stop does not inhibit or replace the normal on/off switch function.

10577. Coating shields. Can be fitted to protect large surfaces from unwanted coating deposition - easily removable for ease of cleaning.

11290. Two-year spares kit for Q300R T. Includes three 57 mm Ø x 0.3 mm gold (Au) targets (TK8889), standard glass chamber assembly, O-rings etc.

Special option for platinum (Pt) coating

13711. Platinum (Pt) coating vacuum hose assembly. Required for use with Pt target when a normal rotary pump is fitted.

Sputtering targets

The Q300R T is fitted as standard with three 57 mm Ø  x 0.1 mm thick gold (Au) targets (TK8889)

Other optional targets are available (three required), all 57 mm in diameter and 0.1 mm thick, unless otherwise stated:

C502-314H. Copper (Cu).

SC502-314A. Gold (Au).

SC502-314A/0.2mm. Gold (Au) 0.2 mm.

TK8889. Gold (Au) 0.3 mm.

SC502-314B. Gold/palladium (Au/Pd - 80:20).

SC502-314B/0.2mm. Gold/palladium (Au/Pd - 80:20).

TK8891. Gold/palladium (Au/Pd - 60:40) 0.3 mm.

SC502-314G. Palladium (Pd).

SC502-314C. Platinum (Pt). See option 13711.

SC502-314C/0.2mm. Platinum (Pt) 0.2 mm. See option 13711.

TK8893. Platinum (Pt) 0.3 mm. See option 13711.

TK8887. Platinum/palladium (Pt/Pd - 80:20) 0.3 mm.

SC502-314E: Silver (Ag).

Options and Accessories (including details of standard specimen stage) 

Specimen stages

Rotation stage: 50 mm Ø  There is no tilt or height adjustment - only rotation.

Rotate-tilt stage: 50 mm Ø with height adjustment (target-to-stage height variable between 30-80 mm). The tilt angle can be pre-set (horizontal to 300).

Rotation stage for glass microscope slides.

Other options

Extended height chamber for taller specimens.

Film Thickness Monitor(11520).  Consists of a controller and quartz crystal oscillator built into the Q300R T, plus a vacuum feed-through, chamber-mounted crystal holder and quartz crystal. Cannot be used when the coater is operated in 'single target' mode.


Instrument case. 585 mm W x 470 mm D x 410 mm H. Total height with coating head open is 650 mm.

Weight: 36.4 kg.

Packed dimensions: 725 mm W x 660 mm D x 680 mm H (44.8 kg)

Work chamber. Borosilicate glass 283 mm ID x 127mm H.

Safety shield. Integral polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cylinder.

Display: Size: 145 mm, resolution: 320 mm x 240 mm colour graphic thin film transistor (TFT)

User interface. Intuitive full graphical interface with touch screen buttons, includes features such as a log of the last 100 coatings carried out and reminders for when maintenance is due.

Sputter targets. Disc style 57 mm Ø  with thickness depending on the targets fitted. Three 57 mm Ø  x 0.3 mm thick gold (Au) targets (TK8889) are included as standard.

Vacuum pump. 5 m3/hrPfeiffer DUO6 two-stage rotary pump with oil mist filter (order separately, code 13034).

Vacuum measurement. Pirani gauge.

Typical ultimate vacuum. 2 x 10-2mbar in a clean system after pre-pumping with dry nitrogen gas.

Specimen stage. Flat rotation stage for 8"/200 mm and 6"/150 mm wafers fitted as standard. Rotation speed is variable between preset limits. For alternative stages, see Ordering Information.


Sputtering. 0-80 mA to a pre-determined thickness determined by the built-in timer or optional film thickness monitor. The maximum sputtering time is 60 minutes (without 'breaking' vacuum and with built-in rest periods).

Services and other information

Gases. Argon sputtering process gas, 99.999%. Nitrogen venting gas (optional).

Electrical supply. 90-250 V 50/60 Hz 1,400 VA including 13034 rotary pump.

pump power. 110/240 V voltage selectable.

Conformity. CE conformity: Power factor correction. Complies with the current legislation (CE Certification) and ensures efficient use of power, which means reduced running costs.