The Q Plus updates the highly successful Q Series, used by thousands of EM laboratories around the world. The range now includes the high-performance Q150V Plus, due to its enhanced vacuum capabilities it can produce ultra-fine carbon coated TEM films of the highest quality.

Like its predecessors, the new Q Plus series has been developed to provide a common platform with versatility in mind. The new case design provides clear visibility of the smart touchscreen interface, and easy access for changing coating inserts and sample stages. It also provides a multi-colour LED visual status indication of process stages and audible notification at the end of the process.

All models offer intuitive controls and extensive menu options, which allow users to create and store their own unique coating recipes, adjust material types and system functions, and access historical coating log files via the new USB port.

The Q150V Plus joins the Q150R Plus, a rotary-pumped system suitable for sputter and carbon coating for tungsten electron microscope (W-SEM) applications, and the Q150T Plus, a turbomolecular-pumped carbon and metal evaporation coater for SEM, TEM and thin film applications.

For larger samples, the Q300 Plus Series coaters are available for coating samples up to 200mm in diameter. Both models are suitable for the treatment of smaller samples through single-target selection and can also be fitted with an optional film thickness monitor.

Tony Larkin (Quorum’s  Managing Director) said: “The new Q Plus Series of coaters is designed to meet the demands of modern electron microscopy while remaining easy and intuitive to use. With the introduction of the Q150V Plus we can now offer users exceptional super fine coating to improve their imaging results.

“The common platform makes it simple for users to move from one model to another and understand its operation, while the ability to store multi-user unique recipes enables more than one person to share a single device without having to change the settings.

“With a wide variety of drop-in specimen stages and extensive options including glow discharge and film thickness monitoring, the Q Plus Series offers unrivalled versatility to electron microscopy laboratories.”

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