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Critical Point Dryers

Critical point drying (sometimes referred to as supercritical drying) is an established method of dehydrating biological tissue prior to examination in the scanning electron microscope (SEM). The technique was first introduced commercially for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specimen preparation by Polaron in 1970. The original design concepts, which included a horizontal chamber, are still embodied in the design of the E3100

A more recent addition to our product range is the K850 with vertical chamber and built-in heating and cooling. The larger K850WM model is designed to dry a 6" wafer. 

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E3100 Critical Point Dryer

The E3100 large chamber critical point dryer has been anindustry standard for over 35 years and is used in numerous scanning electron microscopy (SEM) laboratories around the world. Primarily used for the processing of lifesciences and geological specimens, the E3100 can also used for the controlled drying MEMs and aerogels. The E3100 is supplied with the E3100-01 tissue boat and has three slots each with three tissue baskets, giving a total of nine.

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K850 Critical Point Dryer

The K850 combines versatility and ease of operation. Built-in thermo-electric heating and adiabatic cooling allow precise temperature control. The vertical pressure chamber (32 mm diameter x 47 mm) has a side viewing port which allows a clear view of the liquid meniscus during filling. A magnetic stirrer ensures optimal mixing and exchange of process fluids.

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K850WM Large Chamber Critical Point Dryer

The K850WM is a compact, bench-top instrument designed to critical point dry a complete 6"/150 mm wafer. A convenient wafer holder allows rapid transfer and ensures that pre-drying does not occur.

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