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Edwards nXDS Dry Scroll Pumps

The Edwards nXDS6i is a lubricant-free scroll pump designed for primary pumping applications where standard, oil-based rotary pumps need to be avoided. For lubricant-free applications where a greater pumping capacity is needed the nXDS10i is available.

Key features

  • Lubricant-free and hermetically sealed within the vacuum envelope
  • Advanced scroll-form and tip-seal technologies for excellent ultimate vacuum levels
  • Quiet operation with typical noise during operation <52 dB(A)
  • Dry pumping option for Q series coaters and PP3010T cryo preparation systems

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Dry scroll pumps

The Edwards nXDS dry scroll pump series offer exceptional pumping capability, ultimate vacuum performance and state-of-the-art design features.

The nXDS improves on the original XDS pump technology by offering increased pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, low power consumption and reduced noise. The gas ballast allows for pumping of condensable vapours, including water, solvents, dilute acids and bases.  nXDS pumps feature the very latest in tip seal technology, giving a significantly longer life between tip seal changes.

We offer the nXDX6i for use with the Q150 series of coaters and PP3010T cryo preparation system. For the larger chamber Q300 series of coaters the nXDX10i is recommended. Please see: Ordering Information.

Scroll pumps

20063. Edwards dry scroll pump nXDS6i. Pumping speed: 6.2 m/3hr.

26907. Edwards dry scroll pump nXDS10i. Pumping speed: 11.4 m/3hr.



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