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    Critical Point Dryers

    Quorum make a range of Critical Point Dryers to meet the needs of electron microscopy (EM) and other applications. Critical Point Drying is an established method of dehydrating biological tissue prior to examination in a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

    We also offer a range of products to support the laboratory workflow for sample preparation. If you were unable to see what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our applications support team will be available to guide you.

    Qdry Automated Critical Point Dryer

    Introducing the new automated Critical Point Dryer, the Qdry

    • Automated control offering repeatable outcomes with minimal user intervention
    • Built-in adiabatic cooling for fast cool down rates allowing for more throughput
    • Easy-to-use and flexible software allowing for quick set-up of profiles
    • Status display to indicate time remaining
    • Process driven, with individual user profiles for quick set-up time
    • Supplied with pre-set profiles covering different sample types
    • Screw top chamber for easy sample loading
    • Large viewing window ensuring observation of process flow
    • Small footprint ideal for use in fume hoods

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    K850 Critical Point Dryer

    The vertical pressure chamber (32 mm diameter x 47 mm high) has a side viewing port, which allows a clear view of the liquid meniscus during processing.

    • Side viewing chamber port
    • Built-in adiabatic cooling and thermoelectric heating
    • Fine control needle valve pressure let-down
    • Built-in magnetic stirrer
    • Temperature monitoring and control with thermal cut-out protection
    • Pressuring monitoring with safety cut-out for over pressure
    • Easy to operate valves
    • Optional holders for large specimens and coverslips

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    E3100 Large Critical Point Dryer

    The E 3100 has a horizontal mounted pressure chamber measuring 63.5 mm internal diameter x 82 mm length. The chamber has an external water jacket for temperature control and specimens are introduced via a removeable rear door. The front chamber is fitted with a large 25 mm diameter window, giving a clear view of the liquid level. The standard specimen holder has nine tissue baskets.

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    K850WM Bench-top

    The K850WM is compact, bench-top instrument designed to critically dry a complete 6″/150 mm wafer. A convenient wafer holder allows rapid transfer and ensures that pre=drying does not occur.

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    Recirculating Heaters and Chillers

    The E4800 Series of Recirculating Heaters/Chillers are recommended for a wide range of open and closed-loop temperature control applications.

    E4800 Recirculating Heater/Chillers

    The E4800 Series of Recirculating Heaters/Chillers are recommended for a wide range of open and closed-loop temperature control applications. The E4860 is an option for the E3100 and K850MW critical point dryers. For applications requiring heating only, the E3500 Thermocirculator is recommended.

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    Product Portfolio

    Product Portfolio



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