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    Automated Critical Point Dryer

    Key features

    • Automated control offering repeatable outcomes with minimal user intervention
    • Built-in adiabatic cooling for fast cool down rates allowing for more throughput
    • Easy-to-use and flexible software allowing for quick set-up of profiles
    • Status display to indicate time remaining
    • Process driven, with individual user profiles for quick set-up time
    • Supplied with pre-set profiles covering different sample types allowing easy start for new samples
    • Screw top chamber for easy sample loading
    • Large viewing window ensuring observation of process flow
    • Small footprint ideal for use in fume hoods

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    Instrument Dimensions
    W 450 mm x H 325 mm x D 505 mm
    35 kg
    Specimen Holders
    AL800019-1 specimen holder as standard
    Built-in safety devices in both hardware and software, including relief valves, level sensors, pressure switches and programming restraints
    Chamber Diameter
    60 mm Ø
    Internal chamber height
    59 mm, usable chamber height = 34.5 mm,
    usable chamber volume = 97.5 ml
    Critical point dryer liquid carbon dioxide (CO2 ) requirements
    All models require a cylinder of liquid CO2 fitted with a siphon tube (normally indicated by a vertical white stripe on the cylinder). If there is any doubt regarding the presence of a siphon tube, advice should be sought from the supplier.

    Please contact our sales team at [email protected] for full pricing

    Specimen holders

    The standard specimen holder has 12 individual wells (8 mm diameter x 8 mm high) and allows easy exchange and transfer to and from the Qdry. For larger specimens the optional EK4150 bulk specimen holder (a single large specimen container) is recommended.

    For critical point drying very small or delicate specimens the optional CPD800A porous pots are available.

    For further details see: Ordering Information.

    Number – QDRY

    Qdry Critical Point Dryer

    Specimen holder – AL800019-1

    Options and Accessories

    AL800019-1. Standard 12 specimen holder with 12 individual specimen wells (each 8 mm Ø x 8 mm H).

    EK4140. TEM grid holder.

    EK4135. Glass microscope slide holder.

    EK4130. Holder for bulk specimens (a single large container).

    CPD800A. Porous specimen pots.

    Qdry – Automated Critical Point Dryer


    Vertical chamber with glass viewing port and safety shield.

    Magnetic stirrer located under the base of the chamber.

    Controllable adiabatic cooling and heating with digital read out.

    CO2 inlet valve, flushing valve and venting system and high pressure CO2 coupling hose.

    AL800019-1 specimen holder.

    Operating manual.

    Options and accessories

    AL800019-1. Standard 12 specimen holder. Has 12 individual specimen wells. each 8 mm Ø x 8 mm H.

    EK4140. TEM grid holder.

    EK4135. Glass microscope slide holder.

    EK4130. Holder for bulk specimens (a single large specimen container).

    CPD800A. Porous specimen pots.



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