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    Glow Discharge for TEM and Surface Modification

    GloQube® Plus Glow Discharge System for TEM Grids and surface modification

    The GloQube® Plus is a cost-effective, compact and easy to use glow discharge system, designed to fulfil the needs of laboratories with TEM. The primary application of the GloQube® Plus is to modify the surface of TEM grids in a way that it meets requirements for successful imaging of a variety of macromolecules. Integrated into one system, the two chambers enable the user maximum flexibility to choose which sample preparation technique they want to use: glow discharge in-air or in-chemical vapour, without downtime for cleaning or the risk of contamination and loss of samples.

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    MiniQ GD Single Chamber Glow Discharge System

    Designed with simplicity in mind, the easy-to-use MiniQ GD allows for surface modification of TEM grids. Resulting in the clear imaging of macromolecules.

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