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    Cryo-SEM Preparation Systems

    Quorum’s market-leading PP3010 cryo sem preparation system is the latest in cryo-SEM technology and combines the highest quality results with unparalleled ease of use. The PP3010 is a highly automated, column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo sem preparation and cryo transfer system suitable for most makes and models of W-SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM.

    Cryo preparation techniques for cryo SEM and FIB/SEM are essential for the observation of biological, wet or beam sensitive specimens. Using cryo sem electron microscopy removes the need for conventional preparation methods, such as chemical fixation and critical point drying, and allows observation of specimens in their natural hydrated state.

    Quorum also pleased to offer the PP3005 SEMCool and PP3006 CoolLok – part cryo preparation systems for low temperature applications where the full specimen processing capabilities of the PP3010 may not be required.

    If you would like to talk to a member of our sales team in the UK about any products, please call us on: +44(0)1323 810981 or email sales@quorumtech.com

    Take a moment to review the benefits of the PP3010 Cryo System presented here by our Technical Director Robert Morrison.

    PP3010 Cryo-SEM/Cryo-FIB/SEM Preparation System

    The PP3010 is a highly automated, easy to use, column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system suitable for most makes and models of SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM. The PP3010 includes a number of unique but important features, including: off-column cooling (no boiling liquid nitrogen on the microscope), pumped storage of the cryo transfer device.

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    PP3006 CoolLok Cryo Transfer for SEM and FIB/SEM

    The PP3006 CoolLok offers rapid transfer and cryo temperature observation of specimens for SEM, FIB/SEM, beamline or other vacuum systems. Applications include thermal protection of beam-sensitive specimens and low temperature observation of materials such as plastics, polymers low-K dielectrics and hard-soft mixtures. The system can also be used for inert gas transfer of ambient temperature specimens from a glove box.

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    PP3005 SEMCool Non-Airlock Cooling System for SEM and FIB/SEM

    The SEMCool is based on the PP3006 CoolLok but without the PP3004 QuickLok components. It is designed for cryogenic applications where airlock exchange of specimens into the microscope is not required.

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    Peltier Cooling Stages for SEM

    Developed for use in low vacuum and natural SEMs, peltier-cooled stages accurately control dehydration from wet specimens.

    Coolstage – Peltier-Cooled SEM Stage

    The Coolstage is a Peltier-driven SEM cooling stage for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), low vacuum (LV) or variable pressure (VP) applications. The stage can be cooled to sub-zero temperatures for specimens that may be sensitive at ambient temperature, subject to beam damage, or may otherwise ‘sublime’ (lose water) at ambient temperatures.

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    Critical Point Dryers

    Quorum make a range of critical point dryers to meet the needs of electron microscopy (EM) and other applications.

    Critical point drying (sometimes called supercritical drying) is an established method of dehydrating biological tissue prior to examination in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The technique was first introduced for SEM specimen preparation by Polaron (the forerunner of Quorum) in 1971, and the original design concepts, which included a horizontal chamber, are still embodied in the Quorum E3100 critical point dryer.

    A more recent addition to our product range is the K850 critical point dryer with vertical chamber and built-in heating and cooling. The larger K850WM model is  designed for semiconductor applications and will dry a 6″ wafer.

    E3100 Critical Point Dryer

    The E3100 large chamber critical point dryer has been anindustry standard for over 35 years and is used in numerous scanning electron microscopy (SEM) laboratories around the world. Primarily used for the processing of lifesciences and geological specimens, the E3100 can also used for the controlled drying MEMs and aerogels. The E3100 is supplied with the E3100-01 tissue boat and has three slots each with three tissue baskets, giving a total of nine.

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    K850 Critical Point Dryer

    The K850 Critical Point Dryer combines versatility and ease of operation. Built-in thermo-electric heating and adiabatic cooling allow precise temperature control. The vertical pressure chamber (32 mm diameter x 47 mm) has a side viewing port which allows a clear view of the liquid meniscus during filling. A magnetic stirrer ensures optimal mixing and exchange of process fluids.

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    K850WM Large Chamber Critical Point Dryer

    The K850WM is a compact, bench-top instrument designed to critical point dry a complete 6″/150 mm wafer. A convenient wafer holder allows rapid transfer and ensures that pre-drying does not occur.

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    Freeze Dryers for Sample Preparation

    Quorum offer two EM freeze dryers, specifically designed for the careful drying of a range of electron microscopy samples.

    The K750X Freeze Dryer uses peltier cooling and operates under rotary-pumped vacuum. For more demanding applications, the K775X Freeze Dryer is cooled by liquid nitrogen and uses turbomolecular pumping.

    Freeze drying specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is a well-established practice. It reduces the distortion and shrinkage effects that occur when a wet specimen dries by normal evaporation, as the freeze drying method involves careful sublimation under vacuum.

    K750X Peltier-Cooled EM Freeze Dryer

    The K750X EM Freeze Dryer operates at rotary pump vacuum using a ‘Peltier’ thermoelectric stage. This means drying temperatures of down to -60°C can be achieved, enabling careful sublimation of frozen specimens under vacuum.

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    K775X Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Turbo-Pumped EM Freeze Dryer

    The K775X can operate at temperatures down to -140°C and uses a turbomolecular pumping unit, backed by a rotary vacuum pump. Programmable, multi-segment sequence control ensures versatile automatic operation.

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