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Freeze Dryers for Sample Preparation

Quorum offer two EM freeze dryers, specifically designed for the careful drying of a range of electron microscopy samples.

The K750X Freeze Dryer uses peltier cooling and operates under rotary-pumped vacuum. For more demanding applications, the K775X Freeze Dryer is cooled by liquid nitrogen and uses turbomolecular pumping.

Freeze drying specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is a well-established practice. It reduces the distortion and shrinkage effects that occur when a wet specimen dries by normal evaporation, as the freeze drying method involves careful sublimation under vacuum.

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K750X Peltier-Cooled EM Freeze Dryer

The K750X EM Freeze Dryer operates at rotary pump vacuum using a ‘Peltier’ thermoelectric stage. This means drying temperatures of down to -60°C can be achieved, enabling careful sublimation of frozen specimens under vacuum.

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K775X Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Turbo-Pumped EM Freeze Dryer

The K775X can operate at temperatures down to -140°C and uses a turbomolecular pumping unit, backed by a rotary vacuum pump. Programmable, multi-segment sequence control ensures versatile automatic operation.

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