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VacuuBrand MD1 Diaphragm Pump

Key features
  • Contamination-free pumping
  • High flow rate even near ultimate vacuum
  • Quiet operation, typically <40 dB(A) at 50 Hz
  • Recommended for oil-free backing of Quorum turbo pumped coaters

The VacuuBrand MD 1 diaphragm pump has a pumping speed of 23 L/m and is designed for oil-free evacuation and pumping of non-corrosive gases down to 1.5 mbar ultimate vacuum. 

The three-stage design provides outstanding pumping speed even close to the ultimate vacuum, especially when compared with similarly rated two-stage diaphragm pumps. The MD 1 is an ultra-low vibration pump with very long diaphragm life times and stable ultimate vacuum. documented with years of testing.

Recommended for oil-free backing of Quorum turbomolecular pumped coaters such as the Q150T and Q300TT and K975X vacuum evaporator.

Diaphragm pumping options

For "dry" backing of Quorum turbomolecular-pumped sputter/carbon coaters and vacuum evaporators.

11540. VacuuBrand MD1 diaphragm pump.