Our Product Videos

We have compiled a selection of videos to demonstrate our range of products. These aim to show how the products are operated and explain their key benefits and applications.

If there is an area not covered in the videos that you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us and someone from the application’s team will be happy to help.

Quorum PP3010 Cryo Sample Preparation Process

Simplicity is key and Quorum’s Technical Director Robert Morrison, along with help from Dr Chris Parmenter at the nmRC, takes you through the simple steps of processing a sample using the PP3010 Cryo.

Quorum PP3010 Cryo Benefits

Why choosing the PP3010 Cryo System is the only choice for Cryo EM sample preparation.

Quorum Q150V Plus

Scanning electron microscope sample preparation with the Q150V Plus. Optimised for high-vacuum applications, with an ultimate vacuum of 1×10-6mbar, it can be used for either ultra-fine sputter coating or quality carbon coating.

GloQube Plus

The GloQube® Plus is a cost-effective, compact and easy to use glow discharge system, designed to fulfil the needs of laboratories with TEM.

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