ISO, EU Declarations of Conformity and RoHS certificates

Here you can download ISO9001 and EU conformity certificates plus RoSH declaration of compliance

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3698 – Quorum Technologies Limited – 9001 Certificate

RoHS Declaration of Compliance

RoHS Certificate November 2020

EU Declarations of Conformity

The certificates below confirm that the products listed conform with the requirements of the European Directives and European Harmonised Standards.

Cryo-SEM Preparation Systems

PP3010 EU Declaration

PP3004 EU Declaration

PP3005 EU Declaration

PP3006 EU Declaration

Sputter Coaters and SEM/TEM Carbon Coaters

Q Plus Series EU Declaration 

SC7620 and CA7625 EU Declaration

Carbon Accessories

CA7615 EU Declaration

Bench-Top Vacuum Evaporators

K975X EU Declaration

RF Plasma Etchers/Plasma Reactors

K1050X EU Declaration

Recirculating Heaters and Chillers

E3500 EU Declaration

E4800 EU Declaration

Peltier Cooling Stages for SEM

Coolstage EU Declaration

Freeze Dryers for Sample Preparation

K750X EU Declaration

K775X EU Declaration



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