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Dr Anna Walkiewicz, the Quorum Technologies Application Specialist, is running a series of informative and educational webinars across this autumn looking at all aspects of sample preparation. The first talk is on 12th September at 11am BST, until 11.30am BST.

In this series, Dr Walkiewicz will be tackling different processes within the sample preparation process and breaking it down into simple steps, solving common problems and looking at how to improve efficiency and efficacy.

  • CT 01-The Scary Vacuum – 12th September – How will samples behave in the vacuum?
  • CT 02-Dehydration 26th September – Why is it so important? Why do we dehydrate samples? Do we need anything before dehydration? Means of tissue fixation
  • CT 03- Critical Point Drying 10th October – is it really so complex?
  • CT 04- Mounting samples 24th October – exposing the most relevant parts. Coating – why do we coat samples?
  • CT 05- Coating for SEM 7th Nov – What do we use for coating and when? Vacuum level, metal choice, thickness

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